1 Trillion Dollar Losses & Other Mental Health Stats

The Guardian recently shared some staggering numbers related to mental health and work based on research completed by the World Health Organization (WHO). The financial impact of mental health in the workplace is a huge driver behind the work we do and the reasons companies focus on supporting mental health. These numbers are quite astonishing: 

  • 1 trillion dollars are being lost annually around the world due to the effects of untreated depression and and anxiety on workplace productivity
  • The WHO predicts that without changes to mental health treatment, 12 billion working days or 50 million years of work will be lost from now until 2030 
  • Without changes to treatment options, the annual loss to the global economy is estimated to be $925 billion, but the amount of funding allocated to treating mental health issues is only estimated at $147 billion

These statistics may be difficult to wrap your head around.  We certainly find them overwhelming and hard to relate to. We do know they highlight the significance of the global health crisis that is untreated mental health challenges. 

What does make sense to us is this statistic from the same article: for every $1.00 spent on mental health treatment, specifically for depression and anxiety, there is a $4.00 rate of return in better health and productivity at work. 

Check out the full article for more details and more statistics. The research is eye opening and reminds us of the importance of focusing on this global health crisis.

Think about what your workplace is doing to support mental health and take a moment to be grateful for the supports you have, as many around the world do not have access to resources, education and workplaces who are focused on mental health. 

What is your workplace doing that has been effective? Let us know in the comments below! 



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