Let's Talk About Mental Health

We are very excited to launch our website on Bell Let's Talk Day! What a perfect opportunity to get people talking about mental health in the workplace. 

L&L Consulting is always excited to raise awareness about mental health. We would like to encourage you to have open conversations about mental health today (and everyday) in your workplaces and at home.

To help get the conversation started, try this mental health myth busting quiz!

1. TRUE or FALSE? 1/5 individuals experience a mental health issue in their life.

2. TRUE or FALSE? People with mental illness never get better.

3. TRUE or FALSE? 25% of people won't seek help for mental health problems for fear of being labelled. 



1. TRUE- 20% of people experience a mental health issue in their life time and this number is on the rise. Is this more common than you thought? 

2. FALSE- With the right support, many people with mental health issues can recover and lead healthy, productive lives. Although many mental illnesses can be episodic in nature, medication, counselling and psychosocial rehab can help people purposeful, meaningful lives.

3. FALSE- Actually, 60% of people won't seek help for mental health problems for fear of being labelled. This is why days like Bell Let's Talk Day are so important- to get conversations started, raise awareness of mental illness and reduce the stigma.

So keep talking about mental health! The more we talk about it the more awareness we will generate to work towards a more open and understanding culture.

If you have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment below or email us on our contact us page! 

For more information on Bell Lets Talk day, visit letstalk.bell.ca/en.