Canada's Top Employers - call to action

If you follow workplace news, you are well aware of the Canada's Top 100 Employer's List that came out this week. Congratulations to all the winners! What an amazing accomplishment! 

It is truly amazing to look through the list of Canada's top employers and see the inspirational stories of influential employers, the benefits they offer their employees, and the contributions they make to give back to their communities. We know that employee mental health is impacted positively by the comfort of a supportive corporate culture and having good health benefits.

Reading through the employer stories, however, we did not come across any indications of employee mental health supports. Mental health affects more than 1 in 5 working individuals, which could be any of us as 5 in 5 individuals have mental health. It is in employers best interests to ensure their employees mental health is taken care of through workplace supports and benefits both preventatively and reactively. Actively focusing on mental health can hugely benefit a businesses bottom line as employees are more productive from being happier, feeling supported and valued by their workplace. It is in everyone's best interest to emphasize mental health.

Call to Action:  

1) To the evaluators of Canada's Top Employers - Please include information on workplace mental health supports from each of the organizations for 2017. This could include a separate category for mental health on your evaluative scales, or an overarching focus on how various elements of corporate culture affect mental health.

2) To all companies - Highlight what you do to support employee mental health! Tell us your stories and share with the community at large how you are supporting mental health. This is important work and you should be showing it off.

By sharing information about supports and benefits of focusing on mental health, we can reward company's for focusing on this important area, continue to benefit employees, and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health by continuing to bring it to the public's attention. It's a win-win! 

Check out the list of winners here: 

How does your company compare to these 100? What do you look for in an employer?