Help! My smart phone is ruining my posture!

A recent article in the New York Times suggests that our daily posture and mood are being negatively impacted by our high-tech devices and lifestyle.  I highly recommend the quick read of the article, but if you only read one section, read this: 

"The next time you reach for your phone, remember that it induces slouching, and slouching changes your mood, your memory and even your behavior. Your physical posture sculpts your psychological posture, and could be the key to a happier mood and greater self-confidence.

This article reminds me of a great video on posture that I highly recommend watching and sharing:

Our posture is directly connected to both our physical and mental health. As we approach the New Year, consider making some changing in your posture at work and at home while using your devices. If you are looking for new equipment or for an ergonomics refresher, contact us for more information on our ergonomics services.