Mental Health First Aid Training

Are you familiar with Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training? Is anyone in your organization certified?

CPR and physical first aid courses are a common requirement in many workplaces to ensure there are people trained in case of a physical health emergency like a heart attack or choking. What isn't covered in these courses are mental health crises, like a panic attack or someone feeling suicidal. The course also focuses on increasing awareness and education about mental health by focusing on prevention, something we are passionate about at L&L Consulting. We are happy to work with your organization to understand your needs, to see if MHFA is appropriate for you.

We wanted to share this article with you because a well-known first air provider, St. John's Ambulance, has just started offering Mental Health First Aid training in Nova Scotia. This article highlights some of the great experiences companies have had after going through the training. 

MHFA participants highlighted benefits of the training in responding to common workplace issues. Have a look at the article here: 

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