Mindful Workplaces & Mind-Blowing Savings

There has been a lot of discussion about incorporating mindfulness practices into the corporate sector. We appreciate that there are varying opinions on its effectiveness, but is it worth a try? 

Aetna, a large american health insurance company, has implemented wellness initiatives including mindfulness, yoga, weight loss programs and health screens, among other initiatives, and has saved millions of dollars to date. Aetna conducted a randomized control trial study to measure the impact of their wellness programs on employee stress levels in the workplace. Through measures of employee-perceived stress and physical measures of cortisol levels and heart rate, they found significant improvement in employee sleep patterns and stress levels, which ultimately lead to increased workplace productivity. Additionally, after implementation of all the programs, Aetna has reported saving nine million dollars on health care costs, a reduction of almost 8% in one year!

If you are interested in exploring a similar initiative at your company, please contact us. Occupational therapists at L&L Consulting can work with your organization to help understand the needs of your company, develop appropriate interventions and strategies to improve your employee health and wellness, and ultimately save your company money on your bottom line.

Interested in reading more about Aetna's story? See the recent New York Times article by David Gelles. 

What do you think about Aetna's strategies and values? Does this align with your organization? What are you doing to improve employee health and productivity? We would love to hear from you!