Mindfulness App Reviews

There is a great deal of research supporting the benefits of mindfulness meditation, including improving brain function and mental health. Mindfulness meditation can decrease stress and anxiety, improve compassion, improve sleep, self-reflection, focus, attention, creativity, memory, and communication skills.  With practice, the brain experiences neuroplasticity and rewires itself accordingly, so the benefits of mindfulness continue to grow and eventually the practice becomes effortless.  We exercise our body and train to be experts in various areas, why not exercise and train our brain?

Are you interested in exercising your brain to keep it sharp? Have you been thinking about mindfulness but don’t know where to start?

Try an App!  

Here are 3 of our favourite mindfulness Apps for you to try for free!

1.       Headspace

Compatibility: iPhones and Androids
Purpose: Ease your way into a mindfulness routine to reduce stress and anxiety, improve memory, focus, creativity, relationships, and productivity in all areas of your life.
How it works: Personal trainer for your brain or “gym membership for your mind”. 10-minute guided meditation lessons catered to your needs that you can keep in your pocket and engage in when you have the time. The 10 day free trial is a great introduction to mindfulness meditation and will teach you the basics and everything you need to know.
Cost: 10 day free trial, $6.24-12.95/month

2.       The Now

Compatibility: iPhones
Purpose: Ease your way into a mindfulness by stopping to pause for a few minutes each day to ponder a thought and bring your attention to the present.
How it works: The app using a technique called continuous mindfulness training. It provides periodic push notifications to your device  with an audible chime and message to remind you to be focused on the present.
Cost: Free

3.       Calm

Compatibility: iPhones and Androids
Purpose: Learn the basics of mindfulness meditation to improve sleep, relaxation, focus, and productivity.
How it works: The app reviews the basics of mindfulness meditation, provides guided mindfulness sessions lasting between two to thirty minutes, beautiful nature scenes, and blissful music tracks.
Cost: Free, can subscribe $9.99/month or $49.99/year for premium benefits

Have you tried any of these apps? We would love to hear what you think! Do you use any other mindfulness apps? Please share below!