MUSE - The Brain Sensing Headband - Review

Since I started practicing mindfulness last year, I have always wished there was a way to know if I was doing it right. When practicing in a group setting, I would always look at everyone around me to see if there eyes were really closed, how they were sitting, and I would wonder what they were thinking about.  In attempts to incorporate mindfulness into my own life, I tried various apps (see mindfulness app reviews), videos, guided meditations and tried setting practice times at specific times of day. When I would try in the evening, I would sometimes fall asleep – is that what is supposed to happen? “I was relaxed”, I would tell myself! Recently I came across this interesting new product called Muse that might be able to help answer some of my questions.

We are not at all affiliated with Muse, but wanted to share this new product with our readers as we think it has some interesting potential (however, if anyone from Muse is reading this – we would love to try out your product and share our experiences with our readers! Contact us here).

Muse is a new tech-savy hair band that senses your brain waves. It helps you train your brain and can give you feedback on how you are doing (this is exactly what I need to know if I am doing mindfulness right!). On their homepage, there are some great videos about how Muse, The brain sensing headband works – I highly recommend you check them out.  

So how does it work? They explain that “Muse guides you through focused – attention exercises [mindfulness/meditation exercises]. When your mind wanders, you receive real-time feedback allowing you to identify your distractions immediately and train your focus and concentration”. The headband connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet and tracks your progress over time on an application. I think this could really help me understand what I should be doing and focusing on while practicing mindfulness!  

I believe Muse could be as popular as the new iWatch or your handy workout Garmin. Instead of tracking your physical fitness, the Muse tracks your mental health. It can help you understand how well you are maintaining focus, can help reduce anxiety and stress, and can boost productivity. We know from previous posts the benefits of mindfulness, and we can all benefit from strengthening our mental health in our busy lives from work, to home, to leisure and play.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this interesting new product. Have you tried it? Would you? Why or why not? Is there a way to incorporate Muse into your workplace?