Be Safe: A New Mental Health App

We just heard about this interesting new app created by The London Service Collaborative, Mind Your Mind and CAMH called Be Safe. This app allows individuals to create a crisis safety plan, and connects individuals who are experiencing mental health and addiction challenges to resources in their community (currently only in London, Ontario). It also allows medical professionals to access a person's medical information, like medications and dosage information, in the event of a crisis when an individual cannot communicate this themselves. 

The app is aimed at youth between 15-24 years old, the ages people are most likely to develop mental illness. It sounds like it could be especially useful for those who live in rural settings and don't have as many resources available as those in urban centers. It is meant to help individuals be prepared to make safe decisions in a crisis.

The Be Safe App got us thinking about the implications this could have for the workplace. Might this be a tool for workplaces to explore? Could workplaces use an app like this to promote their own health and wellness resources?  Should employees write down their crisis plans should they need them in the future? Perhaps this is a strategy that companies can use without the technology as a preventative measure to ensure safety in crisis situations in the workplace - what do you think?

Are you using any similar resources in your workplace? Have you thought about a crisis safety plan? For other great crisis planning resources, check out our post on mental health first aid training.