Our smartphones have become our lifelines, our way of staying connected.  We rely on it for everything.  We even feel anxious if we think we have lost our phone, even if it is only for a few minutes.  I admit that the first thing I do when I wake up and before I go to sleep is check my emails, texts, tweets, Facebook updates, etc. An hour later, I find myself still in bed, in my pajamas, in a very uncomfortable posture, I haven’t brushed my teeth yet and my day has not even begun!

A week ago, I had to bring my phone in for repair and for three days I felt like I couldn’t function! I didn’t notice how much I had relied on my phone: from checking emails, to checking Facebook notifications, to sending and replying to text, to even falling asleep.  During the three days, I felt like I was constantly missing out on something. 

In a recent TEDTalk, Lior Frenkel who started a project called "Undigitize Me" explains why being hooked to our Smartphones is the most interesting - yet silent - addiction of our times. If Smartphone are here to stay, he urges us to become aware of the addiction - and discuss what a digital diet should look like - a moment before technology becomes a part of our physical bodies.

I am not against Smartphones, they are an amazing technology with many great applications see some of our faves: BeSafe, Cheky, Mindfulness apps. Work smartphones have become a common tool for many employees, but is it healthy? 

Now I am not saying we should totally get rid of it, but what I am suggesting is for some balance.  When employees feel like they have to be “on “ even when they are at home it can have an affect on their family time or being able to recover from the work stress because it never stops! In fact how many of you actually sleep with your smartphone?

We have all probably have said “I am just finishing one last email and then I will go spend time with my husband or wife”, “the dinner with my kids can wait, but the client can’t”. Sometimes it takes a wake up call to realize the important things in life, and to get you to look up and put the phone away. 

What are the moments in your life you would turn down your phone? Don’t missing on the present the moment. Enjoy the here and now.

I issue a challenge (and I will be part of it!): At dinnertime, try not to reach for the phone for two hours and write to us how you feel afterwards, we would love to know! 

Just as we have become very aware of what we eat and how much we exercise to be healthy so why cant we do it for smartphones as well? Do it today!

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