Workplace Happiness - Measured by Plasticity Labs

L&L Consulting has been getting to know an interesting company called Plasticity Labs - a technology company that has developed an app to measure workplace happiness! Of course we were intrigued when we heard about their work and are excited that they have graciously written a guest blog post for us this week. Read on to learn a little bit more! 

The Plasticity Labs Story

As the workplace evolves, one thing continues to be increasingly important: workplace health and happiness.

There is a growing awareness on the importance of investing in health and happiness in the workplace, and we (Plasticity Labs) are working to help improve those things inside organizations globally.


Plasticity is a web and mobile app, rooted in the theories of neuroscience and positive psychology, that aims to connect employees, give them a voice, and build a positive workplace culture. We recognize that happy employees are engaged employees, who in turn care about doing their very best within the organization. Plasticity is the platform to create happier, healthier and higher performing individuals. 

Plasticity uniquely captures meaningful data via custom and scientifically validated surveys. This allows employees to have a voice inside the organization and to impact positive change. For example, employees are given the opportunity to voice their opinions on culture, job satisfaction, engagement and happiness levels within the organization now and in the future. Other surveys and activities allow for personal and professional development, so that individuals inside the organization can strengthen their emotional intelligence skills. Individuals can share, learn and develop their skills with co-workers in one spot. A place where culture can live online.  

Why does improving workplace culture matter to us?

We take happiness seriously. According to a Gallup Study done in 2013, 54% of employees in The United States and Canada are disengaged, and 18% are actively disengaged. If an employee is unhappy, both their work life and personal life are negatively affected. This puts the success of the organization at risk as a result. We care about employee happiness because a large amount of employees’ lives are spent at work, and therefore their entire life is affected by their workplace experiences. A company that wants to gain and maintain a competitive advantage in the market today needs their most important resources to be happy. In short, when an employee is happy, they are more committed to your company, producing better work, interacting effectively within teams and taking fewer sick days. L&L Consulting has this motivation and reasoning behind their work, as well and is one of the reasons our companies are aligned.

Mental wellness at work is the next revolution. Through this video we explain why we are so passionate about workplace health and happiness, and why you should be too. Please join us in not only spreading awareness, but in taking action for your own health and happiness in all parts of your life! Have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Thank you Plasticity Labs for sharing some information about what you do! We are looking forward to further collaboration about workplace happiness and mental health. Do you think measuring workplace happiness would be helpful in your workplace? Does your workplace do something similar to this already? Let us know in the comments below.