Celebrating World Ergonomics Month

October was a month with many celebrations - it was Occupational Therapy Month, Healthy Workplace Month, Halloween, and World Ergonomics Month! 

Ergonomics means having proper body mechanics, posture and being well-supported. Ergonomics are important to be aware of because improper positioning can cause long-term problems with our physical health. These problems can impact our ability to exercise, work, and do activities we enjoy. Because we spend so much time in our workplaces, having proper ergonomics at work is especially important. 

To share some tips on proper ergonomics, we're sharing some of our previous posts that outline suggestions. Think about any small changes you can make both at work and at home. These changes don't necessarily have to be high tech! Can you use a pack of printer paper as a footrest? Can you raise up your computer screen on a large book? Can you change the shoes you're wearing so you can be more supported when standing? 

Here are some of our past articles for other ergonomics suggestions. Let us know what changes you've made at work in the comments below! Looking for some specific tips for your workplace? Contact us for more information about individualized ergonomics assessments.