Get to the Park!

You heard me - get yourself to the park!

According to a recent study conducted in Australia, spending 30 minutes/week in nature reduces the risk of both depression and heart disease. Read more about the research study here.

Think of how much time you spend each day on Facebook or Instagram. Can you replace some of this social media time with a few minutes in the park? Maybe you can get out a subway stop early on the way to work and incorporate a walk in the park before you get to the office. Maybe you can take a walking meeting in a near by green space, or take some reading to a roof garden near you.

Take 5 minutes after reading this post and locate the nearest green space to your work or home. Make a plan to get there this week! If you already get your fair share of time in nature, chat with your colleagues about some of the benefits and how they can increase their time in nature, too.

We've highlighted the benefits of spending time in nature in some previous posts. Check them out here!

What's your plan for increasing time in nature this summer?