Convincing Your Employer to Support Mental Health at Work

Although mental health is becoming a more prevalent topic in the media and in our workplaces, there are many workplaces that are not taking any steps to support employee mental health. Does this sound like your workplace? Are you wishing your employer did more to support your mental health at work? Try these three tips:

1) Present the business case for MH in your workplace. We have rounded up two previous posts about how mental illness impacts the bottom line: A) Stigma in the workplace, a $20 Billion Problem, and B) Now is the time to address workplace mental health.  

You can also share some needs analysis tools such as this one from Heads UP Australia, to help develop a case for gaps in services to support mental health. Maybe start by completing this with you team and present the findings to your manager.

2) Request services (either anonymously or directly, whatever is most comfortable to you). Perhaps you require a more comprehensive benefits program that supports Mental Health. Ask for it! Need a mental health day? Ask for it! Interested in a lunch and learn educational session? Ask for it! Talk to your employer about what you need to be more productive.

3) Start an internal Mental Health committee, working group, or peer support group. Recruit colleagues to join you in starting workplace initiatives throughout the organization. Peer-support is one of the most powerful tools to support mental health at work. A committee may have more decision making power and can make a bigger impact to help convince your employer that change is required.

Looking for more ideas? Contact us for more information. We want to help make your workplace better! Have you had success starting up mental health initiatives in your workplace? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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