The Benefits of a "Nice" Boss

What do you think makes for a happier and more productive workplace? A tough boss, or a "nice" boss? This article from the Harvard Business Review excellently highlights the benefits of being a "nice" boss, and we can't agree with the arguments more! 

Tough bosses tend to think that putting pressure on employee's will increase performance and productivity. Unfortunately, the research suggests that putting pressure on employee's seems only to increase their stress. As we know, workplace stress is a huge issue in workplaces everywhere, having negative effects on individual mental and physical health, and company culture as a whole. 

The benefits of a manager who is approachable, open, and kind are evident in employee's work productivity and health. As this article points out, these qualities build trust. A boss who is trusted helps foster work environments that are team oriented, productive, loyal and committed. Overall health is impacted by strong social connections at work including lower heart rates and blood pressure and more effective immune systems.

We know from other research that the number one reason employees quit at a company is because of poor relationships with their managers. 

If you are a manager: 

  • Consider your leadership style and relationships with your co-workers.
  • What changes can you make to build trust and openness with your employees? 

If you are an employee:

  • What qualities make you feel supported by your manager?
  • What qualities do you wish your manager demonstrated more of?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!