Reflections on Bench's new Workplace Mental Health Guide

Looking to improve the mental health and wellness of your organization? We couldn't be happier to see the new Workplace Mental Health Guide come out of a Vancouver based organization, Bench

This organization with over 230 employees has publicly shared their employee guide for workplace mental health. This well researched and supportive document outlines the impacts of workplace stress and how it can impact employee mental health, internal and external resources for support, coping strategies to try independently, as well as commentary and first hand stories/experiences from employees and company leadership. All extremely valuable information for employees to feel supported at work. 

Bench's workplace mental health guide can be used as a model for other organizations to demonstrate their support to employee wellness. We highly recommend you check it out and see how your company supports compare. Looking to improve your organization's well-being?  Contact us, we can help!

Thank you, Bench, for sharing this guide with the world. We are so happy to see your dedication to workplace mental health at your own organization, as well as being a role model for others.