Mental Health Week 2019

This year, the CMHA is hosting a #getloud campaign to raise awareness about what mental health really is. So today we are #gettingloud on the L&L Blog!

What everyone needs to know:

  1. We all have mental health - we all have the ability to have good mental health, and the ability to move across the mental health spectrum. Want to learn more about the spectrum? Check out our post on it here.

  2. There are many strategies we can use to help improve and maintain mental health. Check out these posts to find some new strategies you can try to #getloud about mental health!

  3. We all have a role to play to #getloud about mental health and fight the stigma in our communities and workplaces. Check out our posts on stigma to learn about what you can do to #getloud.

What are you doing to #getloud about mental health this year? We would love to hear from you!