International Women's Day

As a company run by two women, we are proud to celebrate International Women’s Day! We appreciate the theme this year is about balance. In a mental health context, balance can mean so many different things and is unique to every individual. Women especially, face many unique mental health challenges that are specific to their sex.

Did you know…

  • Women have higher rates of mood and anxiety disorders compared to males? (1)

  • Women attempt suicide 3-4x more often than males (1)

  • 12% of female youth (ages 12-19) have experienced a major depressive episode (2)

Many women can experience mental health challenges associated with menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause – all things women. As women, it is important that we remind ourselves and each other that we all have mental health, and its okay to experience changes in our mental health during these challenging times in our lives. We also have to be there to support each other, educate others, give support and share resources. We have attached some resources below – please share widely!

One of the factors that influence women’s mental health is the responsibility of frequently being the primary caregivers in families. Women can experience stress balancing multiple roles i.e.: being a mother, employee, friend, boss, daughter, etc. What are your strategies to balance your work and home roles? How do you make time to do everything?  

Let us all stand together to enable good mental health for all by focusing on building balance in our lives. Here are some of our favourite strategies for balancing in this world: