Share Your Experience, Make an Impact: Workplace Mental Health Survey

Thanks to researchers who carry out studies to collect, analyze, and interpret data about workplace mental health we are able to go beyond just inferring what issues are breeding in Canadian workplaces. We have actual figures that illustrate the frightening reality of how much money is lost to workplace mental health problems or what proportion of employees are experiencing a mental illness. This data confirms for us that workplace mental health is no joke; it gives credibility to the premise that there is a mental health crisis in Canadian workplaces.

Now, you and I have the opportunity to contribute to important research being done on workplace mental health! The Globe and Mail is conducting a short survey titled "The Mental Health Experience in Canada's Workplaces: What's Your Experience?". The researchers behind this survey are looking to gain a wider perspective on the experience of Canadian workers with mental illness in the hopes of developing workplace strategies and programs to help those who are dealing with a mental health issue at work.

If you work in Canada, are experiencing a mental illness, and would like to participate in the survey it can be accessed ---> here. 

If you're not up for a survey, the researchers involved in the study have also published (and continue to publish) a series of articles on The Globe and Mail website all about issues related to workplace mental health in Canada. It is a goldmine of information on the subject, offering advice, and important statistics that are invaluable for employers and employees alike. Feel free to check out these articles and more on the website:

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