Workplace Mental Health Resources

Employee assistance programs, wellness benefits, and team building activities - these are three common workplace supports that help support employee mental health.

What is offered at your workplace? Are you aware of the resources available to you? In our experience with employee interviews, several company employees are unaware of the supports available to them to support their physical and mental health and well-being. In a recent study from workplace options, it was observed that over half of employees were unsure if their company offered any supports for mental health. We encourage you to reach out to your manager, colleagues, and company leadership today and learn about what is offered to you, so you can start taking advantage of these resources.

What to look for:

Check your intranet, ask your manager, and look into your benefits. Some example workplace mental health supports we have seen in Toronto organizations are listed below:

  • EAP programs - confidential employee assistance programs that offer professional support for any personal or professional concerns or questions. 
  • Health and Wellness benefits - a benefit on top of a standard benefits package that supports employee engagement in any health related activity and/or equipment reimbursement for appropriate activities.
  • Educational Sessions - a lunch and learn or workshop series on mental health to educate employees at all levels of the organization on signs and symptoms and how to support each other at work. Check out our educational sessions for more information. 
  • Fitness classes/health challenges - group walking, eating, stair-climbing activities and challenges that are company wide.These encourage a sense of group engagement, healthy behaviour, social connectedness, and physical activity.
  • Meditation rooms - some companies have accessible rooms for quiet relaxation and de-stressing for employees. Locate the quite/meditation room closest to you and try one of our favourite mindfulness apps.

Those are a few examples of supports to look for and take advantage of. What else does your company do to support your mental health? We would love to hear from you in the comments below! Have you accessed these services? What are your thoughts?

Are you an employer looking to improve your workplace mental health supports? Contact us for more information on how to customize a solution to your organizations needs.