Making Mental Health a Priority

A recent article from the Ottawa Citizen by Kathryn May has got us thinking about how to make mental health a priority in the workplace.

This article highlights how Privy council clerk Michael Wernick has notified all deputy ministers that a portion of their performance pay will be tied to the health and well-being of their departments. This model builds in the direct motivation to build an open, respectful and supportive workplace environment. This strategy is being made in efforts to improve the mental health of employees in the government - a proactive approach to reduce workplace stressors that lead to cases of depression and anxiety. No specifics have been released yet on the strategy, but we are looking forward to following the changes. Read more about these changes and strategy here:  


We know that happy and healthy employees = productive employees.


How to make mental health a priority in your workplace:

  • Mental health policy to provide clear guidelines on managing mental health at work 

  • Mental health strategy to guide your company’s mental health support plan and ensure it is comprehensive. Start with a mental health risk assessment to understand your organizations unique needs
  • Holistic wellness benefits supporting both mental and physical health needs of employees
  • Mental health and wellness educational sessions and workshops for increasing awareness and reducing stigma
  • Flexible work hours and scheduling which benefits work places by having workers more efficient and effective when they are in the office, and can increase employee feelings of gratitude towards a company
  • Implement the Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace for a comprehensive, long-term plan to increase mental wellness at work

What are your strategies to make mental health a priority in your workplace?  We want to learn from your experiences. What is your organization doing to support you that is working well? What is not working well? Let us know!

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