Summer Time Nature Round-Up

Inspired by the beautiful weather we’ve had in Toronto this weekend, we are revisiting the idea of nature’s impact on mental health. I felt it this weekend and I hope you did too – The sun shining down on the big smile on my face – I was happy – for no reason other than being outdoors!  Oh, how I missed it during the grey and cold weather we had been having lately.

There is ample research evidence that highlights the benefits of nature to our mental health. Nature has been shown to help reduce risk and symptoms of depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. Other studies have highlighted nature has positive effects on mood and aspects of cognitive function, including working memory. With all the positive benefits of nature, why do we sit in offices all day long? We are losing out so much great nature time by working indoors.

Set a goal for yourself to bring a healthy dose of nature into your workday. Maybe bring a plant to your desk, have a walking meeting outside instead of in the boardroom, or plan a weekend get-away to spend time in nature. Some of our favourite posts below highlight fabulous ways to incorporate nature into your workday.

1.       Are you finding you are always stuck in meetings looking out the window, wishing you were out in the sunshine? Try a walking meeting! Read more about the benefits by clicking here or on the picture below:

2.       Take a mental health break and escape to a rural area, or even the local park! Check out our recent post on planning a mental health stay-vacation or vacation. Some great tips on when to plan, and how to plan for the perfect nature get-away to recharge your mental health!!

3.       Can’t get away from the office but looking to incorporate nature into your workday? Try some of these tips:

4.       Curious about nature-therapy?  Learn more about it here

What is your favourite activity to do outdoors in the sunny weather? Make some time for it this week and get your dose of nature – with our changing climate, we don’t know what the weather will be tomorrow, so enjoy what we have today.

What are your strategies to spend time with nature during your workday?