Our New Year Resolutions

New Years Resolutions Part 2: L&L Resolutions

We are both happy to share the New Year resolutions that we have each decided to put into place this year. We have tried to incorporate the tips we shared in our last post on setting resolutions. At the core of our goals are intentions that we hope to apply to everything we do this year.

Lydia: My intention this year is to use my time wisely. I plan to embrace saying “no” and find JOMO- the Joy of Missing Out! Contrary to the phenomenon known as FOMO, which stands for Fear of Missing Out, JOMO means embracing time alone and accepting that it is OK to miss certain events, opportunities or activities. Each week I plan to carve out time when I have no plans and ensure I have at least one night of each week that I can go home and relax. I also plan to be more mindful of what I commit to. In 2018, I had to back out of certain commitments last minute as I found I had overextended myself. I hope to be proactive in what I agree to and sign up for so I can embrace these commitments while knowing I have adequate time to relax, unwind and be with myself.

Laura: My intention for this year is to embrace an attitude of gratitude. It is so easy to get caught up in the minutia of our daily lives and easy to get upset about things.  As I embark on planning a wedding in 2019, I intend to keep gratitude top of mind and apply to my daily life. If I break this down into a goal, it will be to take a few minutes each day to think about what I am grateful for, and take moments to reflect on gratitude in moments of stress.   

What are your plans and resolutions for the year? Do you have an action plan developed to help you achieve your goals? We’d love to hear your strategies and tips in the comments.