The Power of Yet

“I am not good at this…”


“I am not good at this….....yet.”

Do you see the difference?

In Carol Dweck’s, a Standford University psychologist, TED presentation, “The Power of Believing You Can Improve”, explains the power of “Not Yet”:

"By [using the word "yet"] we give people a time perspective. It creates the idea of learning over time. It puts the other person on that learning curve and says, “Well, maybe you’re not at the finish line but you’re on that learning curve and let’s go further.” It’s such a growth mindset word."

In one study, Dweck wanted to see how children would cope with challenge and difficulty, so she gave 10-year-old children problems that were slightly too hard for them. Some of them reacted in a shockingly positive way. They said things like, "I love a challenge" or "You know, I was hoping this would be informative."

These children had what Dweck called the “growth mindset”. They understood that their abilities could be developed.

But other students felt it was tragic and catastrophic. These children had a “fixed mind perspective.” They felt they had failed and it was a direct correlation of their intelligence. These children were operating from the “now”, whereas the children from “growth mindset” were operating from the “Not Yet”.

Do you ever feel that no matter how hard you work; you feel you are not making progress? What if I told you, you can…..once you change your mindset?

How to develop a growth mindset?


If you want to move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, you must first believe that YOU CAN IMPROVE! Maybe not now, but in the future.

When we say we are not good at something, it ends the comment there, we commit to a limiting belief and a fixed mindset telling ourselves that the trait is beyond our control and unlikely to change.

But when we add “yet” we open up the possibility of change. We move to a growth mindset, one where we see that with effort, planning, persistence and better strategies we can place ourselves on the path to success.

The next time you think you can’t do something, think of the power of just a three letter word.

Check out the Ted talk here for more information on The Power of Yet: