Mental Health Resources

People have been asking us lately about resources to share about workplace mental health. You have asked, so we have answered! See below our current top three resources (in no particular order) for supporting mental health in the workplace.

1) Heads Up Australia - this Australian based website is a go-to resource for tools, strategies, handouts, and more about mental health in the workplace. The only downside is that it is Australia-based. That being said, many of the resources can be extremely relevant for Canadian workplaces. For example, check out their resources about “starting a conversation” about mental health with a colleague or peer. People frequently ask us about building skills for these conversations. This resource can be a helpful guide!

2) As you know, we are occupational therapists. People often ask us how we as Occupational Therapists (OTs) can help support mental health in the workplace. Lucky for you, we are part of a group of OTs who recently launched a fact sheet about this through the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists!

mental health at work PUBLIC art.jpg

3) Workplace Strategies for Mental Health - This website funded by Great West Life has exceptional resources, tips and tools for supporting a mentally healthy workplace. They provide strategies for workplace activities, research articles, and have resources for employers and employees alike. Share widely!

We would love to hear from you about other resources you are looking for that may be helpful.