Sharing Some Self-Assessment Resources

Through our discussions with companies and individuals, we have noticed a strong desire for individuals to learn more about how to self-assess changes in mood, self-care, and general well-being.

We're always happy when interest is shown in self-assessment. Identifying changes in yourself is the first step to making changes in your life as you can reflect on experiences that are affecting you either positively and negatively. Tracking every so often can help show subtle changes in yourself over time which you might otherwise miss.

We have come across many helpful resources and want to share a few quick and easy self-assessment tools for you try! 

Have a look at the following links and take a few minutes today to check in with yourself. These checklists are not meant to be tools to assist with any diagnoses but simply as tools to help you reflect on your daily moods and behaviours.

1. A checklist from Working Through It focused on general well-being:

2. A checklist from the Canadian Mental Health Association to check in on general mental health:

3. Also from the Canadian Mental Health Association, a checklist on work-life balance:

If you feel like you need some more support, consider reaching out to a family member or friend, a family doctor or another health care professional like an occupational therapist.

Did you learn anything new about yourself by completing these? Do you have ideas on how you can get a little more wellness or work-life balance in your every day? Stay tuned for our next post, which will outline some strategies you can use to do just that!