Strategies to improve your work-life balance

Work-life balance is a top of mind phenomenon these days. How do we improve our work-life balance? Is there such a thing? Work is a part of life, right? But we all know how challenging it can be to balance the demand of life with the demands of our workplace. Yes, these are all demands in our life, and yes, you may have guessed where we were going with this, these demands, whether from work or home, take a toll on our mental health.  

From last weeks post on self-assessments, we learned the importance of checking-in with yourself and some strategies to do so. So, where do we go from there? Once you identify the areas you would like to improve, try to set small goals for yourself. Here are 5 simple strategies you can use to improving your work-life balance:

1) Schedule and adhere to taking small breaks at work
2) Get a good nights sleep - how many hours are you getting each night? 
3) Schedule in, and take time for activities you enjoy
4) Set yourself personal goals (Stay tuned for a post about setting SMART Goals!)
5) Try something new today - a new food, exercise class, way of working, etc... keep your routine fresh!

There was a great article posted today in Entrepreneur that highlights some great strategies for improving work-life balance for working parents. Check out the article here. We love the self- reflection questions they ask:

1) Do you sleep enough?
2) Do you usually finish your to-do lists?
3) Do you do things for yourself?
4) Are you fulfilled?

If you answered NO, to any of the above 4 questions, take a minute to reflect. Are there strategies from above that you can incorporate into your daily routine to improve your answers? 

What other strategies have you engaged in to help improve your work-life balance?  Have you asked your employer for accommodations? We look forward to hearing from you!