Workplace Stress-Busting Tips

Everyone has experienced stress on their job at some point, for a variety of reasons. Ideally, you would find the source of your stress and reduce its impact so that you can carry on without its harmful effects. Here are some workplace tips on how to alleviate stress, and might give you ideas on what might be causing the stress in your work life:

1) Socialize – Are you friends with your coworkers? Being too close for comfort or too distant can be nerve-wracking. Suggest a team-building exercise or have a dinner together!

2) Make a to-do list – Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do. Breaking down the tasks, prioritizing, and selecting manageable goals for the day might help give you much-needed clarity.

3) Go offline – Technology is an asset to work life but it can also create a sense of urgency during times that are meant to be relaxing. Everyone needs an “off” button sometimes. Try not checking your work email after a certain hour.

4) Be assertive – If you are feeling burnt out or piled up with work, use respectful but confident language to communicate your needs to your coworkers.

4) Be kind to yourself – No one is perfect and adjusting expectations for yourself can reduce the pressure placed upon you by yourself and by others. Try to celebrate your successes (however small)!

5) Take care of your body – Work may be difficult when you are physically unable to keep up. Take stretch breaks during the work day. Make sure you are sleeping well and eating breakfasts. Keep active regularly, even if it is a brisk walk in the park!

What other strategies do you use to cope with stress in the workplace? Let us know!  



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