Beating the Sunday Night Blues

It's Sunday afternoon. You've spent the morning slowly rising out of bed, running errands that you've put off during the week, and have even managed to hit up your favourite brunch spot.

Then it sinks in ... tomorrow is MONDAY. 

You suddenly feel a wave of anxiety rush over you. The relaxation and enjoyment of the weekend's activities come to a halt. You begin to preoccupy your thoughts about the upcoming work week; thoughts of upcoming projects and meetings, colleagues that you need to attend to, conflicts that are unresolved. Your mood takes a down turn, and you begin to feel irritable and restless. You may even have a tough time falling, or staying asleep as those ruminating thoughts about your upcoming workweek invade your mind. If these feelings resonate with you, you might have a case of the 'Sunday Night Blues.'


We've all heard of the Monday blues, but forget the impact that the Sunday Night Blues have on our energy levels and mood states. When anxiety, depressive symptoms, and fatigue from thinking about the prospective workweek sinks in, we are essentially preventing valuable rejuvenation that can occur by living in the 'now.' So this begs the following question, "how can we beat the Sunday Night Blues in order to feel relaxed and refreshed for the workweek ahead?" 

Consider the following tips (Marter, 2013):

  1. Recognize the Sunday Blues - Practise self-awareness in recognizing when you are starting to feel more down on Sunday night. Make a mental note that the Sunday Night Blues are a common experience and that you are not alone. 
  2. Use Sunday afternoons wisely - Prepare for the workweek by cleaning and organizing your home. Grocery shop for the week and plan for healthy meals ahead of time. Ensure you have enough tokens, fill your car up with gas, iron your dress shirts, withdraw any needed cash for the week, etc. These small tasks will provide you with a sense of instant control and preparedness. 
  3. Exercise - Don't skip your Sunday workout by electing to watch three episodes of a Netflix series, while sprawled out on the couch munching on chips. Rather, exercise to increase your endorphin levels, improve sleep onset, and mitigate any anxiety experienced from the Sunday Night Blues. Go for an evening walk, run, swim or yoga session and make it a weekly ritual on Sunday's. 
  4. Have a healthy meal - On Sunday evening, elect to have a healthy meal with your favourite de-caffeinated tea. This is a great way to start your week on a good note.
  5. Use relaxation strategies prior to bed - Engage in a good read, take a warm bath, or indulge in a meditation session. Use similar distractions to promote physical and mental relaxation before you venture off into slumber.
  6. Resist the urge to work - Although we may be tempted to check our work emails, or do a task to prep for the week, try to remain unplugged when possible. Simply let go and trust that all will get done. 

Lastly, remember that Sunday night is still considered the WEEKEND. It should be a time to revitalize your mind and body to set yourself up for success during the week. Now, let's beat the blues!

What are your tips on beating the Sunday Night Blues? Let us know in the comments below!


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