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Reflections on "Twelve ways to treat your employees like humans"

Reflections on "Twelve ways to treat your employees like humans"

This article recently published in the Globe and Mail caught our interest, and as we were reading we couldn't help but relate the tips on treating employees as humans to employee mental health. The tips in this article are simple, concrete and clear and we encourage you to have a read though of them here.

We noticed that many of the tips relate to elements of the Mental Health Commission of Canada's National Standard on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

Reflections on Working Wisdom

What do you look for in a new hire?  Likely, you are looking for someone who is:
- Hard working 
- Dedicated 
- Good attendance record 
- Talent and unique skills

According to this article from the Globe and Mail, these are employer-highlighted qualities of employees with disabilities. People with disabilities have many positive skills to contribute to the workplace that can ultimately increase productivity and reduce costs associated with turnover, presenteeism and absenteeism.