"The Working Mind" - Employee Mental Wellness Training

Trainings and seminars on employee mental health are emerging from all corners of the internet and in workplaces. This is testament to the growing awareness of the importance of workplace mental health in general, but in particular its effect on productivity and subsequent financial outcomes for employers. You can never have too much education, and when it comes to mental health the more you know the more you can make a positive impact with those you interact with.

But when it comes to bringing trainings into the workplace, as an employer or employee advocating for training, how do you know which training is worth it? Trainings are expensive in a two-fold way: paying for the course/trainers themselves and at the same time paying employees to learn rather than to work. It goes without saying that workplace mental health training pays off in the long-run, but you want to make a sound decision in the short-run about where to allocate your organizational dollars.

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For example, The Working Mind training is "an education-based program designed to address and promote mental health and reduce the stigma of mental illness in a workplace setting" (Mental Health Commission of Canada [MHCC] 2018) and is endorsed by The Mental Health Commission of Canada.


  • employees/front-line staff

  • supervisors/managers

  • trainers


Some of the expected main outcomes include (but are not limited to):

  • "to enable the full productivity of employees"

  • "to help staff identify indicators of declining and poor mental health in themselves and others"

  • "to provide strategies staff can use to maintain good mental health" (MHCC, 2018)

To learn more about the course you can visit their website here.

What types of mental health trainings would you like to see implemented in your workplace? Have you received training like this at your current workplace? Is this training essential or should this information be second nature to employees/employers? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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