Demanding workplaces and work life balance

This article, published in the New York Times, raises some important points about the often unrealistic expectations placed on employees. This article does a good job of highlighting research that supports how long hours and high pressure actually hinders productivity instead of promote it.

"Human beings are not meant to work continuously. We’re designed to pulse between spending and renewing energy, and neither is sufficient by itself. In a culture of overwork, we fear that any time off will be seen as evidence that we’re slacking – and that we’ll fall further behind in our work."

The author then explains how "slack" is actually a factor that can make employees more productive- for example, in retail, the more people on the floor working, the more attentive employees can be to customers, the more time they can take, and the fewer mistakes they make. To save costs, companies focus on having the least amount of employees doing a job but research suggests this can negatively affect the bottom line in other ways.

The article also touches on the importance of rest - both at night and throughout the day. Recharging can come in the form of participating in non-work related meaningful activities and having sufficient work life balance.

The article is really interesting  - we suggest you have a read through. It made us think of another interesting infographic we'd come across recently about what is most important to people around the world. This is also a really fascinating link- have a look here

Work-life balance was deemed the most important to a handful of companies- Australia, Puerto Rico, Iraq and Mali. What it is about these countries and cultures that make work-life balance so important? Do you have any thoughts?

I think it is safe to argue that some of the other categories that other countries deemed most important may involve good work-life balance too. Life satisfaction and Health seem like two of the most common categories viewed as most important, and work-life balance likely plays into this in some way.

Regardless of where you are from, work-life balance is important to maintain to help you be the best at work and outside of work. Contact us for tips on incorporating more balance into your life and tips on creating workplaces that foster this!