World Mental Health Day

Happy World Mental Health Day!

For 10/10/2017 we picked 10 activities to do today to focus on our mental health. We are sharing them with you to try too!

1.         Sit and enjoy a green tea
Green tea is filled with nutrients and anti-oxidants that help to build a healthy brain! And it is super relaxing to enjoy some quiet time with a warm drink.

2.         Mindfulness for 10 minutes
We frequently talk about the benefits of mindfulness (see previous posts (insert)). Mindfulness helps to build a strong brain and evidence shows it can improve memory, concentration, emotional regulation, and improve mood!

3.         Play an instrument or learn a new song
Music can be a calming for the brain and soul. By learning a new instrument, or playing a new song, we strengthen the connections in our brain while having fun.

4.         Go for a walk
Exercise is good for the brain and walking is a nice way to build it into a busy daily schedule. Previous post re walking benefits?

5.         Call a friend
Social connectedness is a critical factor in maintaining good mental health. Stay in touch with old pals or try to make some new connections.

6.         Stretching / yoga for 30 minutes
Movement paired with relaxation – need we say more? Try some stretch breaks at work intermittently throughout the day, or do it all at once.

7.         Have a bath
A soothing bath can be relaxing for the body and help calm the mind. Helps to wind down from a busy day and cleanse the body! Try a new soap, bubbles, or even a submarine???

8.         Go to bed 15 minutes earlier than normal
Treating yourself to some extra sleep can be a real luxury. Sleep is critical to maintaining a strong brain.

9.         Cook a healthy dinner with leftovers for lunch tomorrow to eat today or tomorrow and bring extra to share with a friend
What we put into our body is so important. Fill your body with good nutrients and your brain will thank you. Share your healthy meal with a friend – remember the importance of social connectedness!

10.   Do a good deed
Our mental health improves when we help others! Fill your soul with kindness and generosity.

What are you doing for world mental health day? Let us know what 10 things you did for your mental health in the comments below!