Mental health risk aSSESSMENT

L&L Consulting can conduct a needs analysis of your workplace to understand the workplace culture and factors affecting mental health in your organization. To conduct this needs analysis, L&L Consulting completes the following: 

  1. Employee interviews – One-on-one sessions conducted by occupational therapists to understand employee needs, likes, dislikes, thoughts on current workplace initiatives, and other information from employees at all levels of the organization. Interviews can be conducted in small groups if that suits the organization.

  2. Data review – Review data from short-term disability, long-term disability, employee assistance programs, employee family assistance programs, benefits, and other sources, to understand the state of mental health in the workplace. 

  3. Clinical observations – By being immersed in the workplace, L&L Consulting use clinical observations to get a sense of corporate climate/culture. 


Based on needs identified in the analysis, best practice research conducted with leaders in corporate mental health, like Bell Canada, and our knowledge as occupational therapists, L&L Consulting will provide customized recommendations to help improve the state of mental health in the workplace. Recommendations can be presented in person, provided in a report, or both. 

implementation and evaluation

L&L Consulting can provide ad hoc or ongoing support to implement the recommendations provided. Implementation strategies vary based on assessment. Quantitative and qualitative measurements tools will be used to track changes over time and provide insights into progress made. 

on-going support and consultation

L&L Consulting can provide ongoing support to organizations as they move through the implementation phases, and for ongoing evaluation and reevaluations to ensure initiatives are continuing to meet the changing needs of the organization.

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